Monday, 14 November 2016

Make it Monday With Linda - Card Process #1 *I Miss You

Hi everyone!
Here is a back-post on our very first process video featuring a card I made. 

I wanted to keep it simple and elegant...
* I started with white card stock, but later in the video I decided to change to the caramel light brown. I think it looks better overall.
* The embossing powder I used was Martha Stewarts - Gloss 
* The paper used were scraps that I had from left over projects
 - Paper colors - 
Caramel brown, white, black, and patterned white and black
- Ribbon-
The ribbon was a piece left over and it was a shiny black

* The stamp used is one that I bought at my local craft store and I am not entirely sure the name or brand... Sorrry :( but it is a gorgeous stamp and I love it alot!!

Heat embossing can be tricky, but brushing away extraneous bits of powder with a small, dry, paintbrush can really go a long way in improving the result! Be careful with your heat tool, many of them heat up quick! I usually use a paper piercer or craft tweezers to hold my material down and prevent it from blowing away.

Share any of your projects you may have been inspired to make in the comment section, we'd love to see your work!

Enjoy the video!
xo Linda

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