Thursday, 6 April 2017

Lay it out Thursday with Imelda - Scrapbook Process #24 *LOVED

Hello everyone and thank you for visiting our blog today! I am excited to bring you another 12x12 layout I have created using the Felicity Jane "Jane" kit. I don't usually turn to green and yellow colour pallet, but the green of my son's shirt in the photo and the beautiful green paper with the hearts was all I needed. :)

I went for a very simple design and kept the patterns and embellishments in the top third of the page. Much like I did for my previous two FJ layouts, I used the stamped images that I had pre-stamped and cut, as embellishments. It absolutely helps me make use of them. I will be doing that with my next kit as well! Let me know if you try it too!

I absolutely adore these black die cut pieces, and almost hoarded them, but the strong black against the grey of the patterns was too beautiful to resist. I also love the contrast it had against the bright glare in the photo. Again, not the most perfectly taken photograph, but I like it. :)

Here is the finished product. Let me know what you think!

I hope you have enjoyed the two layouts every Thursday last month. I enjoyed creating them! I am hoping to continue posting two layouts every week, although there will only be one on Thursdays, and I have decided to start a new series on Saturdays. Tune in this Saturday for the first video of our new series "Smash your Stash Saturdays."  In the meantime, check out this process. :)

Thanks so much for visiting and looking! See you for the next process! 
xo Imelda

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